Structural Alterations

Brian Johnson and Halton Construction originally specialised in structural alterations and structural renovations/refurbishments, particularly in masonry.

Halton Construction has a credible history of high quality masonry renovations for Urban Splash in Liverpool City Centre, on buildings such as; St Peter’s Church (now Bar Cuba), The Tea Factory, The Vanilla Factory, The Palace and The Matchworks.

Masonry alterations and repairs include the following:-

  • Forming openings in load bearing walls
  • Taking down and rebuilding walls in matching materials and sometimes salvaging the original masonry units for re-use.
  • Replacement of corroding lintels.
  • Replacement of corroding cavity wall ties.
  • Introduction of a wide range of lateral restraining system.
  • Introduction of stitch crack repair systems.
  • Repointing of masonry mortar joints.
  • Replacement of spalled brickwork.
  • Rebuilding of chimney stacks.
  • Introducing moving joints and expansion joints, into existing walls.

Structural renovation and refurbishments also include


Replacement of damp or sulphate affected ground floor concrete slabs.


Replacement of decayed timber joists or structured timber components.


Replacement of roof coverings and roof structures